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The Daily PPILL is my personal daily blog project. PPILL stands for Purpose, Process, Innovation, Leverage, and Leadership; in my view, indispensable ingredients of any great initiative.

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Motivation is what gets everything started, it is what makes us get up every morning, and what starts us on the road to change. It also gives sense to our days. Besides that, and on a quite selfish note, and most importantly, I am doing this for my own benefit. I want to write, and there are some things that the only way to do them, is just to get started.


Processes and Systems are what relentless progress, scaling, and continuous improvement are made of. There is no way to make sustained progress through sheer pulse and effort. Heroics are great. Once. That’s why we call them heroes.

To exert real progress, it is necessary to be able to move on from what has been solved already, while we keep it going. It is necessary that if we learned to do a task well, we can demonstrate it repeating the steps methodically. It is necessary to build the skills and the abilities to perform the task with less effort every time. That’s what a professional does.


Innovation, is the lifeblood of our industry, and it is also what has created tremendous gains in the wellbeing of humanity. Arguably, it has created, redistributed wealth, and even made the world more open, connected, and just. Think about it, humanity has had the same natural resources 10,000 years ago than today. What has changed is how how we do things, how we organize, and how we understand the universe around us. Innovation is what brought us from stone, bronze, iron, middle, illumination, modern, industrial, all the way to the information age and whatever we call where we are today.


There is almost nothing that a human being can achieve on its own. We are not particularly strong or fast, and we have no fangs. No laser vision. 

However, we humans have mastered the use of tools, and that’s what brought us so far. And not only are tools those extensions to our limbs. A tool can be anything that increases our ability to reach for our goals. Relationships, political assets, the stock market, etc. Everything can be used as a tool, everything can be used for leverage.


Nothing happens without the will. And will, when there is more than one individual involved, is what we call leadership. Leadership is will channeled into a collective.

To state the obvious, at the greatest moments in history, there has always been a leader. We are familiar with those exemplary moments: “I have a dream”, “don’t ask what your country can do for you….”, “make a dent in the Universe”, etc. but leadership is also in the mundane, in every situation of life.

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The PPILL is my personal daily blog project. PPILL stands for Purpose, Process, Innovation, Leverage, and Leadership; the themes that I write about, and in my view, indispensable ingredients of any great initiative.


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